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            發布日期: 2023-06-06 來源: http://www.ihbclw.com/ 點擊:

            Will there be any impact after gearbox maintenance? After maintenance, there are only two crucial reasons for the impact. One is that the technical level of maintenance personnel is not stable enough and their work is not meticulous enough, and the second is the issue of accessories. The Jinan automatic transmission maintenance personnel will divide these two points into four points to elaborate on:
            1、 Can the maintenance technician accurately determine the fault point before maintenance.
            An experienced maintenance technician can quickly identify the specific fault by checking the fault code, conducting a test drive, or the owner's dictation. This way, there is no need to be blind during maintenance. When disassembling, all you need to do is replace damaged parts, carefully inspect other parts that are not faulty, and do a good job of defense. If the fault point is not identified in the first place, it will be very confusing when dismantling, troubleshooting one by one, and it is a waste of time and experience. Even if a circle of accessories is replaced, it may not be repaired.
            2、 Did the maintenance technician carefully determine the main and indirect causes of the damage during maintenance.
            In fact, besides oil seals, there are many indirect causes of oil leakage. For example, it is a positioning ring or a limit washer. The original car's positioning ring is made of rubber material, which is prone to aging and thinning. The improved rigid positioning ring can avoid malfunctions. The limit washer has a polished surface, and the improved limit washer has been lengthened with a wear-resistant layer on the surface, extending its service life.
            3、 Whether the accessories have been improved.
            Some gearboxes, such as the buffer plates inside the 6AT gearbox, have a material that is too thin to withstand the high temperature inside the gearbox, causing erosion and fracture. Faced with this situation, many people choose to replace the original buffer plates. In fact, there are currently improved widened and thickened buffer plates. In addition to the advantage of widening and thickening, the improved buffer plates also have a laser printed wear-resistant layer on the surface, More wear-resistant.
            4、 Is the maintenance technician installing it carefully.
            If the installation of accessories is not done carefully and the screws are tightened, it is also easy to encounter later failures. So, while ensuring the installation of all accessories, it is also necessary to ensure the installation degree of the accessories and whether there are any loose areas, which can also lead to malfunctions after maintenance. In short, it is crucial to choose a repair shop that is serious, professional, meticulous, and saves you money.
            For example, in the above categories, if there are no impacts or malfunctions after gearbox maintenance, it is important to first pay attention to the maintenance process. First, understand the gearbox installed in your car and whether there are any improved parts. Find a professional maintenance technician to determine the problem. When assembling parts, also ask the maintenance technician to ensure the tightness of each part to avoid future failures. For more related matters, come to our website http://www.ihbclw.com consulting service

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