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            發布日期: 2023-07-20 來源: http://www.ihbclw.com/ 點擊:

            In addition to the engine, the larger accessory of a car is the gearbox. The status of the gearbox directly determines the usage of the vehicle. Of course, large components such as the engine and gearbox in cars generally do not malfunction, but once they do, it is a big trouble. Not only is maintenance difficult, but maintenance costs are not a small amount. Today, Jinan Automatic Transmission Maintenance Company has compiled some common faults of automatic transmissions for car owners to refer to.
            1. Automatic transmission in gear and off
            After shifting into D or R gear and releasing the brake, the vehicle will not move, or it will stall when the car is cold and running in a hot state. This situation is mostly due to damage to the input shaft or reverse clutch; It is also possible that the oil level is too low due to transmission oil leakage, resulting in stalling; It may also be caused by damage to the locking solenoid valve or jamming of the locking control valve.
            2. Automatic transmission slipping
            If you find it difficult to accelerate your car while driving, and there is only a sound of engine idling during the refueling process, feeling that the entire car is weak and unable to increase speed, then your car will experience a slipping fault. Most of these faults are caused by damaged clutch plates, and the cost of early maintenance is not too high.
            3. Automatic transmission oil leakage
            Automatic transmission oil leakage refers to the leakage of oil from the transmission casing or oil pan. Transmission oil leakage is mainly due to aging of sealing components, resulting in poor sealing, or due to poor manufacturing process, resulting in sand holes in the casing.
            4. Automatic transmission water ingress
            Automatic transmissions can also experience water ingress, but the malfunction does not immediately manifest after water ingress, but gradually causes mechanical damage, resulting in abnormal noises, impacts, and other phenomena. There are two main ways of water ingress into the gearbox: external water ingress and internal water ingress. External water ingress refers to the condition where the vehicle enters the gearbox due to water accumulation on roads or flooding, causing the gearbox oil to deteriorate. Internal water inflow mainly refers to oil leakage in the water tank. Therefore, car owners should regularly inspect their cars and pay attention if they find that the quality of the transmission oil is incorrect.
            Automatic transmissions have very high requirements for the working environment. Although they do not have frequent faults, if you do not take them seriously, the faults will arrive early. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to preventive work. For more information, please visit our website http://www.ihbclw.com consulting service

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